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Updated: Feb 8

I am, is a very powerful thing. The reality is it comes from our subconscious mind. This is developed from our daily activities, and our way of looking at things. This creates our patterns. Are patterns create our outcome.

We all have life patterns. How they have been developed. Is what made us the way we are today. For example; If our daily pattern is to get off work. Go home, maybe watch a movie or some sports. Then we have a snack, eat dinner, have a shower and get ready for bed. If we do this the majority of our time, this creates our pattern. How are we going to make more money, get in better shape, learn how to save so that you can go on family vacations? The list could go on forever. Our patterns create things like, I am bored, I am unhappy, I am never going to be able to get that kinda job. Again the list can go on forever... Change the patterns, change the outcome!

It is all about breaking your patterns down. By changing and adding parts to the pattern. It is always more rewarding and easier when you break this down into steps. Often people try to change everything at once and end up failing. Because, the end result looks so far away. Often they end up losing site of why they started in the 1st place. Or the I am's begin. So by breaking it down it becomes more achievable. Don't get me wrong there is people that can do it all in one step. Which is great! For myself,

it is a much harder that way though. Also without a plan how will you know your on track?

This is what life coaching from me is all about. Finding ways to help you get to where you want to be. Reviewing your current patterns, and seeing where we can make change. To help you reach your final goal. The big picture. This will definitely change your I Am's. I am doing better. I am proud of myself for taking that risk. I am happy I have more time for my family. I am no longer behind on my bills. I am starting my own business. I am tired of the old me...




Alberta, Canada



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