It's good to be afraid

Fear is good. Why, because you learn to control fear, you learn to take control of your life. Fear is a dirrect resul of things like always trying to have a plan "b" inplace, Why we constantly worry about the what if's. The why's or why me...

On the other side of fear is positive energy waves, stong emotions, powerful thoughts, optimism. It is how we choose to look at things in and around are life. In what way we let impact on us in our daily lives. Us as species, you as the leader or your life, and only you can control what or how you react to your thoughts.

I want to show you a very simplistic layout and basic anilyst of common thought patterns.

1.80 percent We humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. But according to some research, as many as 98 percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before. Talk about creatures of habit! Even more significant, 80 percent of our thoughts are negative.

(Change Your Thoughts - Jennifer Read Hawthorne)

2.The Extraordinary Scientific Proof That Positive Thinking Works. Ninety percent of success in any walk of life is a direct result of how the mind is used.Oct 23, 2015

The Extraordinary Scientific Proof That Positive Thinking Works › entry › the-extraordinary-scienti_b_8353068

So how do we change our thoughts? How do we solve these problems? Are you ready, to at least give it a try? How many of us have at least one time or another tried to change something in our lives. Made a commitment to yourself that no matter what it took you were going to make that change. Maybe even more than one time. Or were you able to make that change? Alter your habits so you would overcome what you were committed to overcome. If so close your eyes for a second and try to remember how you felt the day you realized you made a commitment to yourself and you stuck to it...

So like I said "fear is good", why you might ask? How?

what is fear?

  1. Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles, among other things, also known as the fight-or-flight response. › ... › Inside the Mind › Emotions

  2. So how is fear good? If you reference to the definition given above in number 1, yes fear clearly causes or can cause a bad chain reactions within the mind and body. However it also states "known to cause the fight or flight mode". If you are in a place in life where maybe your not happy with your current job, the career path you have taken so far or want to try something new but don't know how to? Could be nothing career orientated. There are so many areas in life that contribute to our happiness. Relationships, time management, health the list could go on forever if you ask me. My question to you is if you are looking for something different in your life. If you know there is more to it than you have experienced. Which part of your brain do you think or know you have been reacting with? "FIGHT OR FLIGHT"

  3. How? The answer we are all looking for. Your dream is possible not only possible but rewarding through every step along the way. If you are here and you are reading this you are already that much closer to your goal. You are starting to believe in yourself congratulations. I am not your answer you are. what I have to offer is, support, different outlook on things, the ability to find your strengths and areas that need growth that you may not know about. You will have accountability to your goals but without judgement. Lets raise your standards with aspiration with motivation. Each clients goals become my goals. My job is to help you reach your goals, enhance your abilities and help you become the best version of who you are.

Do not look at it like a life coach. I actually do not like that term but better yet someone with a common goal with the tools to utilize to make it happen...




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