Be analytical

Updated: Sep 28

Hello everyone. How are you? Are you ready for change? Maybe you don't want to change everything or dont know what needs to change. However you know "something " needs to change.

Health- Are you doing everything you can control to be healthy. What is your version of healthy?

Growth- Have you advanced in a positive way in your life since this time last year? How, why or why not? What do you need to do to change this? It is important we are constantly in a state of growth. Big or small, progress is progress!

Financial- Do you have financial worries or are you comfortable? If you're comfortable, ask yourself how can you use that same discipline in other areas of your life?

Mental health- What does the best version of yourself look like. If you cant answer that question that is a good indication you can be better.

Career- why do you do what you do for work?

What do you want out of life and what are your goals?




Alberta, Canada


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