Everyone has a, I should have or I could have.

Updated: Mar 24

Hello everyone. How are you? Are you ready for change? Maybe you don't want to change everything, you just want some advice and guidance. My story start from my early 20s I developed epilepsy from head trauma from boxing.

So I wasn't able to be a firefighter. So I went to a pre employment welding college. After about 3 years, after that I couldn't do that no more. So I became a industrial electrician. Gave it a go for a few years but wasn't happy. Good job not for me though. So I went into college got a diploma in business management started my property maintenance company. Things were going well so I took over a struggling restaurant.

Now these businesses didn't fail because I failed. They were just stepping stones to lead me to something I am passionate about. Helping others find their way. This is my 1st coaching company, but I have got my diploma in business, certified in public speaker, and got a certificate in life coaching, and CBT coaching. We can all beat the odds we just need to know our strengths and weakness. So we know where to grow and where to use are strengths when needed.

What do you want out of life and what are your goals?




Alberta, Canada



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