Person 30 day challenge. You are welcome to join.

Updated: Sep 28

If you do decide to join in keep a daily journal. Take note on both your mental and physical state. I have never done a "challenge", but this one caught my attention. Look forward to the experiences to come. I will write short little blogs about my experience. Good luck to everyone who joins in. Please share your experiences as well.

I am doing a 30 day challenge to raise awareness on suicide prevention. The challenge I picked is a physical one. I choose physical therapy because it can really make you push yourself and you physically see a reflection of your efforts. As you you are the one self accountable. I will be doing;

50 pull ups

50 push ups

50 body squats

10 min of abdominal exercises daily for 30 days. I hope some of you join in. You can pick your own work out. The idea is to do something physical and mentally challenging for 30 days. You can tag any awareness you want to. I chose ##SuicideAwareness. Thank you all for your support! Follow the journey as a physical presence experience it with me and maybe our experiences.




Alberta, Canada


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